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      The Mr. Charge franchise — maximum profit at low cost

      Become an owner of a highly profitable, innovative, socially significant, fully automated power bank rental business
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      in months

      Make money by helping people stay connected

      Professional battery rental is a fast-growing, innovative, sustainable, reliable, and profitable niche. Judge for yourself:
      of people in Europe have at least one mobile phone
      don't leave their gadgets literally
      or a minute
      forget to charge
      their phone on time
      and need to charge
      2.5 to 3 2.5*
      5G devices will drain their batteries 2.5 to 3 times faster
      *According to the IResearch study

      A charged smartphone is needed to:

      Pay a fare
      or a restaurant bill
      for groceries
      Make an appointment with a doctor
      or a beauty salon
      Order a pizza
      Take photos
      or listen to the music
      Use GPS
      a cab
      Write to friends
      and loved ones

      You will always have clients

      People want to stay in touch and are constantly looking for outlets to plug in their mobile phones that have gone dead at a wrong time, and business knows about it. Therefore, any store with high traffic in the city
      will be happy to install a professional charging station
      Beauty salons
      Fitness studios
      Airports and railway stations
      Subway stations
      Shopping and business-
      Theaters, exhibitions
      and cinemas
      Cafés, restaurants
      and bars

      Get connected and go!

      The power bank rental franchise is one of the most profitable and reliable ones on the market. We work using the Plug-and-Go system — we provide to our franchisees absolutely everything they need for an instant and successful start

      Partnership options


      The fastest start
      in your city
      Entry threshold: from 10,000 Euro

      Exclusive Representative

      Exclusive Representative of the brand in the region, locality, or district
      Entry threshold: individual

      Income calculator

      Number of stations
      The amount of royalties is calculated depending on the number of stations. More stations, less royalties. The equipment set includes a single branded charging station for six power banks, three power banks (50% of the station capacity), a branded pillar, and an advertisement structure for the station with LED backlight
      The amount to invest
      The amount to be invested varies depending on how many stations are to be purchased. The greater the invested amount, the lower the cost per station
      Rate schedule
      The rate schedule allows choosing the most suitable tariff for your region. It can be used to calculate the average bill and approximate revenue
      30 min free / 3 RON per hour / 7 RON per day maximum
      30 min free / 3 RON per 30 min / 7 RON per day maximum
      30 min free / 6 RON first 2 hours / 7 RON per day maximum
      30 min free / 5 RON 1 hour / 7 RON per day maximum
      The average bill for a single rental
      The average bill is calculated based on our experience. You can calculate the average bill from one rental using the rate schedule
      Calculate the income
      Plan for two years
      Year 1
      Year 2
      The number of rentals per station per month
      The average number of rentals is specified
      Total rentals per station per year
      the number of rentals per year is calculated by multiplying the monthly number of rentals by 12. The number of rentals also depends on the location chosen
      Revenue per station in the first year
      The revenue is calculated by multiplying the number of rentals from one station by the average bill
      Total revenue per number of stations
      Approximate revenue shown
      Royalties are paid from the total revenue. The amount of royalties is calculated depending on the number of stations. More stations, less royalties. 10–50 stations — 40% royalty, 50–100 stations — 30% royalty, 100–200 stations — 25% royalty, and over 200 stations — 20% royalty
      Revenue for two years:
      Excluding operating expenses, royalties, etc.
      Your investment:
      Investment in equipment. A progressive scale of discounts applies to purchasing stations: 0–50, 50–100, 100–200, and over 200
      Net profit:
      Including royalties paid

      What's included in the Mr. Charge franchise?

      Innovative, high-performance equipment
      Efficient business model with cost optimization procedures, revenue growth, and comprehensive operational requirements materials
      Comprehensive ERP system for business management — from the sales department to purchases, invoices, and breakdowns
      Startup assistance, training and 24/7 technical support
      Innovative tools for analyzing the station usage data in real time
      A professional
      call center
      Corporate email,
      domain, and website
      Marketing and promotional materials for quick and successful start

      Make money immediately

      Ready to start your successful business? Just apply!
      During this time, we will consider the application
      We will consult you in detail, answer your questions, and make a personal offer
      To draw up
      and make a contract
      Payback quickly and double your investment in just one year


      What is included in the franchise? Do you help franchisees at the start?

      Yes, we help at the level of launching and refining all business processes. We provide marketing materials, a call center, a brand book, we train personnel, provide corporate email integrated into the ERP application. If needed, our specialist will visit you for consultation in person. We also provide a personal account manager and a chat with technical support for application users in the local language. Own development team promptly responds to requests of franchisees.

      Is there a lumpsum fee for the franchisee?


      How many stations is it optimal to buy?

      It depends on the city, the region where you are planning to install them. In this regard, we provide detailed advice.

      Do you provide technical support to the end user?

      Yes, we provide support. We provide user chat in the local language 24/7, where we promptly resolve all issues that users may have.

      Do you localize the application for the country/region?

      Yes, we will localize the application for your country/region as soon as possible.

      Who is Exclusive Representative?

      Exclusive Representative is a partner who has the exclusive right to develop Mr. Charge in a particular country, region, or town.