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    Install Mr. Charge in your store

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    Install Mr. Charge at your store

    For HoReCa, retail, shopping, health, and business
    centers, supermarkets, and event organizers
    Install Mr. Charge at your store
    Increases the time
    the customer stays at the store
    the average bill
    Improves customer
    Within the first month after installation
    The traffic growth
    Loyalty improves
    The customer flow
    The time spent
    at the store increases
    *According to surveys and measurements at stores with installed power bank
    You get more visitors
    Your guests start bringing friends with empty headphones and smartphones
    The average
    bill grows
    Your customers stay longer at the store, which increases the likelihood of new orders
    Clients stay longer
    People prefer to charge all their gadgets, which means they will stay with you longer
    Your store is tagged in Mr. Charge app, users see information about it when they look for a charging station nearby
    Mr. Charge charging stations
    are safe for any device
    They fully comply with all safety standards
    and have certificates
    We offer:
    Free delivery and installation of the station
    Independent and remote management — without involving your personnel and without distracting guests
    Regular checks of the technical condition.
    Equipment repair or replacement as needed
    Answering your questions and 24/7 support
    Install Mr. Charge at your store
    Install Mr. Charge at your store
    Mr. Charge rental
    for events
    Rent charging stations to keep your guests comfortable. Let them calmly take selfies, shoot videos, and share your event online. Find out the terms
    Install Mr. Charge at your store


    Can guests take power banks with them? Is there any responsibility for this? What if no power banks are left in the station?

    Yes, they can. This is what the service is for. There is no responsibility for taking power banks with you. If there remain few power banks in the station, we see this automatically, and our technicians promptly deliver them

    What is the power consumption of a single station?

    The maximum power consumption is 60W per hour, or 1.44 kWh per 24 hours. This is equal to the power consumption of one bulb. When all power banks are charged to 100%, Mr. Charge goes into standby mode

    In what stores can Mr. Charge be installed?

    It can be installed in any stores with free access, where guests or visitors spend a lot of time

    Where can a Mr. Charge station be installed in a store?

    It depends on the configuration of the store. Usually, the location is chosen near the entrance or near the bar

    How long does it take to install a Mr. Charge, and is the staff of the store distracted?

    Installation of the pedestal and the station takes up to 30 minutes at any time convenient for the store, without involving personnel

    How many Mr. Charge stations can be installed in a single store?

    It depends on the size of the store

    Is participation of personnel required in further operation of the station?

    It is not required. The station displays comprehensive information about how to use it. The personnel only says a few phrases if asked

    Is the store responsible for the station, or for the loss, damage, or theft of a power bank?

    The store bears no responsibility for the loss, damage, or theft of a power bank. The responsibility only comes in the case of station theft

    How reliable is the station in terms of fire safety?

    The station complies with all fire safety standards

    How much is the store charged for station installation?

    The station is installed absolutely free of charge for the store. If necessary, we shall provide all materials, such as extension cords and triple adapters, free of charge.